Complete Guide To Choose Pendants & Necklaces

Complete Guide To Choose Pendants & Necklaces

To achieve your desired look, you need to choose impeccable pendants and necklaces that complement your neckline and style.



Pendants, necklaces deserve special attention in the world of jewelry.

If you want to buy a necklace or a pendant wisely, for them to reveal good taste, pay attention to several details while choosing this or that piece of jewelry.

  • What pendants and necklaces exist

  • What pendants and necklaces suit different people


How long should a necklace be?

The right length is another important criterion for choosing a necklace. The necklace of the perfect length will emphasize the beauty of your face and figure. You need to choose the length of the necklace considering the few parameters: how tall a person wearing it is, what face shape and neck the person has. But let’s be consequent.

The length of the necklace can range from 10 to 48 in’. This variety of sizes is usually divided into two categories – short and long ones: 

  • Short necklaces – from 10 to 24 in’

  • Long necklaces – from 25 in’ to … 

Short necklaces from 18 to 22 in’ are an ideal match for different compact pendants. It’s perfect if you get a pendant with a small diamond and a thin 18 in’ chain. Such a combination will be a great option for any woman. Pearl beads of one 16 in’ long string will be a wonderful choice to match your evening dress. Pearls are great birthday and wedding presents. If you need to complement the classic style image, pearl suits best. 

Be careful while choosing the shortest, from 10 to14 in’, necklaces. It’s reasonable to measure the neck in advance in this case. To figure out the size of the neck, take a piece of tape and wrap around the neck, see not to squeeze it too much. Measure the length you’ve got with a ruler. For example, you’ve got 13 in’. Add 2 in’. So the minimum size of your future necklace is 15 in’.

Long necklaces don’t match small pendants. You can wear 28 in’ long (and longer ones) necklaces in a simple way or fold them two or more times, which makes the necklaces shorter and adds them volume. A long necklace allows its owner to use imagination and experiment with the style.

Choosing the length of the necklace depending on how tall you are

 Another way of choosing a necklace is to consider how tall you are. The very long necklace can make a short woman look even shorter, while a short necklace can be simply lost in case a tall woman wears it.

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